Boy, 4, dead after shooting himself an hour after day care drop off

A four-year-old child is dead after he reportedly shot himself while at day care in Virginia, US.

About an hour after Kyrin Falcetti dropped her son Cole Falcetti off at care on Monday, she received a shattering phone call, NBC Washington reports.

Something bad had happened to Cole.

"When we got there, it was just an atypical scene," father Josh Falcetti told media.

Coles James Clark Falcetti, 4, died after he shot himself at his carer's house. Photo: GoFundMe

"The cop cars, the ambulances, everyone's out front, so we knew something bad had happened."

No official version of events has been released but the four year old was declared dead at the scene.

The Orange Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call at about 12:45pm Monday, local time after the fatal incident.

A Stafford County Sheriff’s Office recruit lives at the home, WTVR reported, however, he was not present at the time.

The gun that killed Cole is not believed to be a service weapon.

"It's something that they teach for any person that gets a weapon. Keep it secure,” Mr Falcetti told WRC-TV

“There's no reason a child should be within reach of any type of weapon whatsoever at any point in time."

Kyrin Falcetti was called back to Coles' carer within an hour of dropping him off. Photo: Facebook

The grieving family has now set up a GoFundMe account to try to give their boy a proper farewell.

“We want to give Cole the best service a 4 year old can get,” Coles’ mother wrote.

“He deserves everything.

“He would have made such a great man.”