CNN left red-faced after confusing Australia and Austria

CNN has been slammed for confusing Australia with Austria in a live news report which has been going viral on social media.

The 24-hour US network news channel has been mocked on social media after confusing Australia with Austria.

According to CNN, Australia is building a fence on the border of Slovenia. Photo: Twitter

In midst of the of the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, the 24-hour US news channel reported that Australia was building a fence along its border with Slovenia in a super.

Australians who saw this would likely have been taken aback by the absurd claim, which of course is geographically incorrect.

Matthew Yglesia was one of the first to notice the shocking typo, suggesting the world was being a "little paranoid" over the crisis.

One Twitter user thought the captioner was too "American" to notice the mistake.

Another Twitter user said they were waiting on confirmation that Adolf Hitler was born in Australia, others did not know how to break the news to Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

All in all, whomever was responsible for the error was either confused or may need a geography refresher course.

It isn't the first time the internet users have slammed the news station.

In February last year CNN apologised for a technical glitch which showed a photograph of Vladimir Putin being used to identify Jihad John.

CNN accidently identified Jihadi John as Russia's PM, Vladimir Putin. Photo: Twitter
In 2014, CNN accidentally reported that ISIS are advancing on two fonts. Photo: Twitter