Close encounter with baboon takes hilarious turn

Tourists visiting a zoo on a Spanish island got a bit more than they bargained for when they stopped their vehicle to look at a nearby baboon.

The group was driving through the Safari Zoo in Mallorca, when they slowed down to watch a baboon approach them.

“Wow he is coming straight at us,” one of the men in the vehicle says.

The baboon made a beeline for the vehicle which was travelling through the Safari Zoo in Mallorca. Source: Live Leak.

Just seconds later, the curious baboon leaps up onto the vehicle and looks in at the passengers through the windscreen.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that this baboon means business.

He isn’t there to say hello to the group, but to mark his territory.

The up-close encounter took an unexpected turn when the primate decided to show his dominance and mark its territory. Source: LiveLeak.

“He’s going to pee on us,” one of the men screams out. “This is what you call a safari people.”

His prediction comes true just moments later, when the baboon sends a steady stream of urine in their direction.

Luckily, their windows were up and they escaped the close encounter unscathed.

Once the primate had marked his territory, he happily went on his way.

This is far from the first time a close-up encounter with an animal has taken an unexpected turn.

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