Cleaner a 'national hero' after returning $51K

A cleaner will be rewarded for his remarkable honesty after he handed in $AUD51,500 worth of cash which he discovered in a Pakistan hotel room.

Hotel employee Essa Khan, 51, found the wad of $100 notes left in a safety deposit box in the room of a Japanese NGO worker at the Serena hotel in Gilgit, Pakistan.

The father-of-five, who earns about 21,000 rupees ($AUD277) per month, told the BBC he hoped his honesty would portray Pakistan in a positive light after allegations of Government corruption and incidences of state terrorism.

He said that he never considered keeping the money.

Hotel manager Rajid Uddin said the guest had been relieved when the cash was returned.

"He was naturally very worried as he wasn't able to figure out where he had lost the money," he said.

Mr Uddin also told the BBC that there had been similar instances where lost items had been returned, but none "of this magnitude".

The Age reported Mr Khan has shown that honesty is the best policy, as the governor of Punjab has named him a 'national hero' and honour him in a special ceremony.