Chiropractor "can't recall" alleged indecent assault of patient

A Chatswood chiropractor says he “can’t recall” the indecent assault he has been charged with.

A female patient of Dr James Hopper’s told police he had “repeatedly touched her” during treatment.

Dr Hopper maintains he did not indecently assault the patient while he performed a therapeutic massage on her at his clinic.

The female patient required the treatment after she fell from her bicycle, which took place in July 2015.

Chiropractor James Hopper's Facebook profile shows he plays American football for Sydney's Northwestern Predators. Source: Facebook

In a court hearing today, it was alleged that Dr Hopper made an inappropriate comment while massaging the patient’s upper legs and pelvis.

"Can you tell us now, did you or did you not inappropriately touch this patient?" the prosecutor demanded.

"I was making a joke,” Dr Hopper responded.

The patient, a young Asian woman in her 30s, claimed he repeatedly touched her genitals and breast.

The court heard she had not given informed consent to be touched in those areas.

Dr Roger Engel, also a chiropractor and one of two expert witnesses, was asked if a patient might be “accidentally” touched in these areas during such a treatment. “That should not happen,” he answered. “Definitely not."

A senior advocate for female victims told 7 News she “hopes the case will encourage others who have been abused to step forward.”

“There is more support available than ever,” the advocate said. “You don't have to go through the reporting and aftermath alone."

The court hearing has been adjourned until October.