Woman crawls through railway security X-ray machine to ensure her handbag isn't stolen

A woman shocked security staff when she bizarrely climbed into an X-ray machine at a train station because she reportedly did not trust staff with her handbag.

An extraordinary photo shows the woman on all fours on a conveyor belt inside the X-ray machine as she follows her bag as it goes through a security scanner at China's Dongguan Railway Station.

While it's unclear what the woman was carrying in her handbag, many believe it could have been wads of cash, traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year, The Mirror reports.

The woman reportedly didn't trust train security staff with her handbag. Source: PearVideo
The woman appeared inside the X-ray machine. Source: PearVideo

The woman had put her suitcases through the machine on February 11 but kept her handbag on her while she walked through the security checkpoint.

That's when security staff at the Guangdong Province station told her the handbag would also have to go through the scanner.

The woman stunned train staff. Source: PearVideo

She put it on the conveyor belt before climbing on herself to ensure she was with her bag at all times.

Staff were reportedly so stunned they didn't stop her when she collected her bags and bolted to get her train.