Chilling warning after snake vanishes down woman's shower drain

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A disturbing find inside a shower has prompted a snake catcher to warn residents over the importance of covering drains to avoid any unwanted intruders.

Ipswich based Andrew Smedley, who operates Andrew’s Snake Removal, was called out to a Brightview home, 70km west of Brisbane, on Monday night, after the female resident discovered a red-bellied black snake protruding from her shower’s drain.

While the concerned resident was accustomed to snakes in her area, it was a startling discovery to see one inside her bathroom.

The snake was chasing frogs when it ended up in the woman’s shower. Source: Andrew’s Snake Removal

“She wasn’t too bad to be honest. Living out at Brightview most people are pretty snake aware,” Mr Smedley told Yahoo News.

“But obviously they don’t want them in the shower.”

The woman told Mr Smedley it’s common for frogs to make their way into her home, leading to the snake catcher’s conclusion that the snake was in pursuit of its next meal.

“Trouble is where she lives she gets a lot of red bellies that love frogs and the only reason it had come up through where it did was for a frog,” he said.

When Mr Smedley arrived at the home, the snake had vanished, leading to a nervous search for the reptile.

Mr Smedley said the snake was in pursuit of frogs which had made their way up the home’s drain. Source: Adam’s Snake Removal

Yet it was quickly apparent the snake had slithered down the drain and made its way back into its natural habitat – the exact same route it had taken to the bathroom.

The snake catcher even flushed out the drain to give the resident peace of mind following the intrusion.

Mr Smedley said the incident is a poignant reminder for homeowners to snake-proof their homes.

“This scenario is not that uncommon. If there is access, snakes can easily make their way up drains and pipes and into the home,” he said.

While the woman had temporarily removed the grate in her shower to clean her bathroom, Mr Smedley recommended residents keep both ends of water pipes covered.

“If you can put a cap or mesh on any drain outside to prevent anything getting in, seal off all potential entry routes to your home,” he said.

Snakes in bathrooms is a common occurrence across the nation, with a Toowoomba resident earlier this year shocked to find a slithery intruder entangled in her bathroom’s blinds.