Inside young murderer Jemma Lilley's house of horrors

Jamie Freestone

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: Jemma Lilley collected knives, idolised horror characters and dreamt of taking a life before she turned 25 - a depraved ambition she achieved with the gruesome death of Aaron Pajich.

Aaron was lured to what could be best described as a torture chamber inside a Perth home from which he would never escape.

Aaron Pajich was lured to Jemma Lilley's Orelia home then murdered. Source: 7 News
Jemma Lilley and Trudi Lenon were found guilty of Pajich's murder. Source: 7 News

This week Lilley and her partner-in-crime Trudi Lenon were found guilty of Aaron's murder.

On Friday the judge who sat through weeks of evidence decided to release hundreds of court exhibits, including video that shows the minutes before Aaron was killed.

They lured the 18-year-old, who had autism, from Rockingham Shopping Centre to Lilley's home, telling him he'd get to download computer software.

Instead, Aaron ended up in a shallow grave in the backyard, wrapped in a sheet and crudely covered with a tarpaulin, concreted then tiled over.

The teenager had been attacked with a wire garotte that broke, then stabbed in the neck and chest with knives.

It happened in the loungeroom that Lilley used as her bedroom, a rug concealing a missing square of suspected blood-stained carpet.

The missing square of carpet. Source: 7 News

Aaron's head was wrapped in cling film, rolls of which were found in Lilley's tattoo room.

Police also found a concealed room and a gurney.

Police found a concealed room and a gurney. Source: 7 News

Lilley, who denied the killing, told the jury she was renovating the space to become a tattoo parlour.

Also in the home home, police found a cutter and dozens of knives, including a bone saw she claimed she bought to learn to cook.

Police found multiple knives in the house. Source: 7 News
A doll from the horror film Chucky in the kitchen. Source: 7 News

In the kitchen, a doll from a horror movie holds a a knife.

There was a pot with hydrochloric acid allegedly used before the murder as a test to dissolve a bone.

Lilley and Lennon were caught on camera the day before the murder buying the acid.

In Facebook messages, the two women took on the roles of characters from Lilley's serial killer book.

The two women played out the dark roles in Lilley's book. Source: 7 News

For Aaron's stepmother Veronica Desmond, the horrifying details were hard to comprehend.

"Was it worth taking Aaron away from us, and taking yourself away from freedom to end up in jail, for such a thing?", she said.

"I hope you suffer".