Children 'traumatised' as Queensland police raid wrong home

A Gold Coast family is calling for police to apologise for wrongly raiding their home in Coombabah as they were preparing to go to bed.

The couple say their children have been traumatised by the case of mistaken identity.

Kristy Stewart says she would like police to explain what happened to her children and neighbours. Photo: 7 News

Kristy Stewart said she was winding down at around 9.30 on Friday night when a very real nightmare began.

“So I’ve just answered the door, they yelled at me to come out, step out, step out. He wanted me against here so I just stepped and with my hands do the front,” she said.

At first there was one police officer, then five more.

“And the two dogs stayed here in front of me,” Ms Stewart said.

Her husband Tim came running from the backyard of their Coombabah home with their daughter Willow.

“And as I got to the TV cabinet they’ve come inside and held my hands down,” Mr Stewart said.

It was only when the brave 10-year-old girl spoke out that the police stopped.

“[It was] very scarey because I really didn’t know what was happening and we knew that they had the wrong address straight away,” Willow said.

Nine-year-old Oakley was also home as his parents – who have no criminal record – were wrongly apprehended.

Willow Stewart said it was frightening to know police could storm through her house. Photo: 7 News

The ordeal lasted just 10 minutes but it’s the aftermath the Stewart family is now dealing with, and they’re asking for support from the police.

“Not very safe, just knowing they can barge straight through our whole house,” Willow said.

Queensland Police says it will review the matter tomorrow.

Ms Stewart said police needed to explain what had happened to her children.

“I think that it would be very important for the police to explain to the children that it was a mistake and that they are good people and … that they don’t need to be afraid of police.

And to set the story straight with their neighbours

“And explain to each one of them that it was a mistake because it’s quite embarrassing,” Ms Stewart said.