Childcare fees could rise if educators succeed in pay claim

Childcare centre operators are warning fees will go up if teachers are successful in their huge pay claim.

Education professionals are asking for a 59 per cent wage rise to match the salaries of other professions that also require four year university degrees.

"Almost all childcare teachers are women and we say they haven't been able to bargain for payrises as would occur in many other industries," Carol Matthews from the Independent Education Union (IEU) told 7 News.

Childcare workers could be set for a considerable pay rise.

The IEU has put forward a proposal that would see their wages come into line with other similar professions.

"Someone teaching three to four year olds is not that different to someone teaching five to six year olds in a primary school, but a primary school teacher gets $30,000 more," Ms Matthews said.

Daycare teachers earn $76,000 a year on average, roughly half the salary of mining engineers.

The IEU want the Government to foot the bill.

The union wants experienced staff to get $104,000 giving some teachers a 59 per cent pay rise.

"Early educators are literally building the minds of young children everyday and that's just as important as building buildings or other sorts of work in our community," Helen Gibbons from United Voice said.

With the government already providing multi-billion dollar subsidies to the industry, the cost is most likely set to come out of the pockets of childcare centres and parents.

The change could see an increase of up to 59 per cent for some teachers.

The IEU however is adamant families shouldn't suffer.

"We think the government should pay," Ms Matthews revealed.

The union's proposals will be heard by the government when the Fair Work Commission hearings commence in mid 2018.