Childcare centre reopens

Wyndham Childcare Centre will reopen early next month after non-for-profit childcare organisation CSSU this week confirmed it would take over management of the centre from the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley.

CSSU, which stands for Children's Services Support Unit, will hold a parent information session on February 4 for parents to enrol their children and find out more about the organisation.

During September's Budget, the Shire announced it would close the centre as a savings measure after figures revealed in 2013-14 the cost for each child that attended was $4493 a year, or $141 a visit.

A last-minute motion put forward at the Budget adoption meeting in August saw councillors vote to continue funding the centre until December 31 while an alternative funding model was investigated.

CSSU lodged an application for service transfer with the Education and Care Regulative Unit late last year, adding to its portfolio of more than 20 education and care services in WA and the Northern Territory.

In a letter to parents late last year, CSSU regional manager Kim Grant said the organisation aimed to facilitate a "smooth transition for all families, children and staff".

She said the organisation prided itself on offering "quality childcare" and ensuring children received "the best possible benefit from their education and care". The centre will be open from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, at a cost of $105 a day, however the centre will not supply meals for children at this stage.

It is understood that under Shire operation, parents did not have to pay if their child did not attend on a certain day, a practice out of the ordinary in childcare.

CSSU is advertising for a centre director and qualified childcare staff.

To find out more about CSSU, visit [|].

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