Child filmed clinging to car's windscreen in suburban Aussie street

The child changed positions several times on top of the car as it drove down the Melbourne street.

A child was spotted clinging to the windscreen of a moving car as it travelled down a suburban street on Sunday.

The incident occurred in Pakenham — a suburb in Melbourne's southeast — and a concerned witness decided to intervene, with one reportedly using his own car to block the hatchback from travelling down the street any further.

"He's hanging out the windscreen, for God's sake," the witness said in a 9 News report after approaching the female driver. "What if you run him over?"

The child is clinging  to the windscreen of the moving grey hatchback, turning his head to the left to watch where the moving car is headed.
Drivers spotted a child clinging to the windscreen of a moving car. Source: 9 News

It appears the youngster was initially lying on his stomach facing the opposite direction of the grey hatchback, before turning his head to take a look at where he was going. He later turned and sat upright before the vehicle stopped and the child clambered back into the car via the sunroof.

Witnesses call triple-0 after seeing child on top of moving car

Police were contacted by several concerned witnesses and an investigation has commenced.

"Police have received a report of an unrestrained child seen on the bonnet of a vehicle on Pakenham on 26 November," a Victoria Police spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "Investigations are ongoing and police will make further enquiries."

Witnesses also said they spotted two children hanging out of the sunroof at one point while the car was moving.

"I felt sorry for the children and I knew they were at risk cause if she hit the brakes he could easily have slid off that bonnet and gone under the wheels and, yeah, he wouldn't be here today," another witness said to 9 News.

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