WATCH: Terrifying moment child almost crushed by chest of drawers

A boy was almost crushed by a chest of drawers after it toppled over on him, shocking video shows.

CCTV footage from Thailand captures the terrifying moment the large chest of drawers falls front down towards the boy.

The footage shows the boy calmly playing with the drawers, opening and closing each one for a while.

The child can be seen pulling out drawers. Source: ViralHog
Before long the drawers begin to topple onto the boy. Source: ViralHog

The boy then starts opening the drawers from the top and works his way down.

When he opens all four drawers, he leans on the second one from the top to pull himself back up and that's when the near-tragedy strikes.

The boy narrowly escapes injury. Source: ViralHog

The drawers begin toppling over as the boy continues to hold onto them.

He manages to fall back just far enough for the drawers not to hit him.

The boy doesn't appear to have suffered any injuries and is checked by a woman within seconds of the drawers falling.