'Chicken pox party' mum offers to help other parents host 'infection gatherings'

Damien Hansen, Seven News

A mother caught up in the middle of a 'chicken pox party' scandal has offered to help other parents host ‘infection gatherings’ despite backlash.

Hollie Singleton has denied she was putting young children’s lives at risk and claimed to have widespread support.

Hollie Singleton has posted her opinions on social media when it comes to vaccinations. Source: Facebook.

Her infection invitation made headlines and prompted intense debate on social media.

When Ms Singleton's son was struck down with the disease she offered to host a 'pox party' via Facebook.

She invited ‘anyone [who] wants to clear [the] bug now and get it over with’.

"We are here to infect.. those who want it!” the post read.

The social media post was met with inquiries about meeting up.

There was also a comment from a woman who said her children already been through chickenpox and she was 'waiting for a measles outbreak lol'.

Singleton is a mother of two young boys. Source: Facebook.

Now, following backlash, Ms Singleton has vowed to help others spread the chicken pox virus.

Ms Singleton claimed she was a pro choicer, not an anti-vaxxer.

But Queensland’s chief Health Minister has slammed the Brisbane mother along with many others in the medical fraternity.

"I hope that stupid woman will be charged as well as the stupid parents that go along with it for endangering those kids,” one commenter said in response to the initial invite.

Chickenpox vaccines have been part of the childhood immunisation regime since late 2005.

Latest figures released from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register show 90.9 per cent of 18-month-old children were vaccinated against chickenpox.