Cheeky remark about popular Aussie beach trend sparks debate

Aussies have criticised the beach cabana trend, claiming they are 'taking over' our top tourist destinations.

A beachgoer’s sarcastic remark about the growing trend of colourful cabanas causing “absolute mayhem” in a popular Aussie tourist town as Christmas celebrations begin has sparked a lively debate.

The open tent-like structures began popping up on beaches across the country last year, and it looks like “Cabana-rama” is here to stay despite heavy criticism from some that they are “taking over”.

The beachgoer's photo of the small beach crowd and one cabana on Noosa beach on Saturday morning.
A beachgoer's cheeky remark about cabanas - a popular trend across Australia - has sparked a debate among Noosa locals. Source: Facebook

Locals in Noose Heads — one of the busiest tourist beachside destinations — were quick to complain last summer that their beloved shores are “completely covered with these CoolCabanas”. On Saturday morning, a man visiting the area appeared to poke fun at the outrage online, posting photos of the surprisingly quiet main beach.

“Absolute mayhem with cabanas on the beach this morning,” they said on a Facebook community page alongside a smirking face emoji.

Sarcastic cabana comment sparks debate

While the comment was clearly mocking outrage over the cabana trend, it ignited the subject once again and sparked a debate among other residents.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” one person commented, as another said the small beach crowd was just “the calm before the storm”. One local wrote that it will take just two weeks before the beach is packed with people and their modernised beach umbrellas. “Give it two more hours,” retorted someone else.

Others said they had gotten used to the cabanas, saying they give a “feeling of personal space” and “hopefully respite from the sun”. “And easy to find where you left everything,” another resident laughed.

Two photos of cabana tents at Bondi beach.
Cabana tents have irritated some people for blocking their serene views of the water. Source: Supplied

'Packed in Noosa every day'

Numerous others who missed the poster’s intention said if someone’s biggest concern is beach cabanas, then they have a pretty good life.

“Wait until the people of Sydney and Melbourne see those pictures of how uncrowded the beaches are then you need to worry about,” another commented, while a third said it was ”packed in Noosa every day of the year”.

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