All change: When will Rishi Sunak have to move out of Number 10 — and where could he live next?

Will Rishi opt for Bishop’s Move as his removal company again? (ES)
Will Rishi opt for Bishop’s Move as his removal company again? (ES)

The UK has gone to the polls (with their photogenic dogs in tow), and it’s now official: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will soon be vacating Number 10 Downing Street.

The Grade-1 listed property in Westminster has a third-floor apartment that is the traditional residence of the UK Prime Minister, although sometimes they swap with the Chancellor’s residence at Number 11.

When the change of government happens, it will be at a rapid pace. Once the results come in overnight, the defeated Sunak will give a speech on the steps of Number 10 before heading off to Buckingham Palace, while the incoming leader is welcomed into their new home.

Removal vans on the street outside are a common theme — although sometimes outgoing leaders opt for discretion.

In 1997, John Major knew the Conservatives were likely going to lose to Tony Blair’s Labour. His wife Norma started moving her clothes out in secret in the weeks leading up to the election as Major insisted no vans be spotted outside the home. This only came to light last year, when their personal secretary’s notes were declassified.

Sunak and his family have actually moved out of Number 10 before, having lived there as Chancellor under Boris Johnson until his shock resignation, before returning six months later in October 2022 after he became leader. Their movers of choice then were Bishop’s Moves — it remains to be seen whether the Sunaks will be return customers.

Rishi Sunak moved into Number 10 Downing Street (for the second time) in October 2022 (REUTERS)
Rishi Sunak moved into Number 10 Downing Street (for the second time) in October 2022 (REUTERS)

Sunak’s wife Akshata oversaw a revamp of Number 10 during their first residency, as the place apparently hadn’t been done up since George Osborne lived there.

According to Tatler, she had huge damask curtains made by Challis Interiors in Richmond, complete with red and gold tassels, and had the cornicing re-gilded by hand. A new rug sized to fit the room’s exact dimensions was also commissioned.

The gilding will obviously be staying, but it is unclear whether bookies’ favourite Kier Starmer will find the curtains and rug still in situ if he moves in tomorrow.

In stark opposition to the rising numbers of homelessness under his tenure, Sunak (who has been the richest Prime Minister ever) has an entire portfolio of properties with an estimated combined value of £15 million to pick from when he leaves Number 10.

There is the Grade II-listed Georgian Manor house — bought for £1.5 million in 2010, now valued at £2 million "— in his Yorkshire constituency. The couple splashed out on a £400,000 makeover that included adding a swimming pool in the 12 acres of grounds.

They retain two London properties, including a pied-à-terre on Old Brompton Road, West Kensington, that Rishi Sunak purchased as his first property in 2001 when he worked for Goldman Sachs. The couple reportedly keep it for visiting family to stay in.

The other one is a five-bedroom mews house in Kensington, which they paid a reported £4.5 million for in 2010. It’s now valued at around £7 million.

If Rishi Sunak wants to follow in the footstep of fellow former party leader Nick Clegg, he could also relocate to California. The Sunaks already own a £5.5 million penthouse in Santa Monica. Akshata Sunak purchased the home on Ocean Avenue in 2014, and it is reputed to have ocean views and proximity to excellent fishing spots.