Aussie man ‘struck gold’ after lucky discovery on bush walk

Flynn Kleis fulfilled a lifelong dream when he stumbled upon the feather of a red-tailed black cockatoo

Flynn Kleis grabbing a feather from the bush (left) while smiling at the camera (left).
A rare feather found in the Aussie bush has sparked excitement and jealousy. Source: Instagram

A man travelling around Australia in his 4WD has fulfilled a lifelong dream of making an incredibly rare find on the ground during a bush walk. Flynn Kleis was trekking in the bush in Denmark, WA when he came across a distinct and vibrantly coloured feather that once belonged to a red-tailed black cockatoo, a vulnerable species in Western Australia.

After excitedly sharing his special find, Aussies were quick to express their envy, with many telling Kleis just how “lucky” he was. Kleis told Yahoo that it’s been a lifelong dream to find the feather of a red-tailed black cockatoo after watching his mum collect feathers growing up.

“When I got to WA, I started to learn about the respect for the feather and the meaning of good luck that finding one holds,” he explained. After waking up to the sound of black cockatoos one morning, Kleis, originally from NSW, set off in search of a feather.

Flynn Kleis (left) smiling and holding up the feather to the camera (right).
Flynn Kleis was delighted by his rare find. Source: Instagram

But after hours, he started to lose hope. “I walked so far until I realised I was lost,” he said. Disappointed, he decided to head back to camp.

"This is when in the distance, I spotted the red glow underneath a jarrah tree, I couldn’t believe it, but as I got closer, I realised it was a beautiful female red-tailed black cockatoo feather! I was so happy to find it.”

After sharing a video of the incredible find to social media, many Aussies were quick to congratulate Kleis on his remarkable luck.

“You are a lucky duck,” said one Aussie, with another adding that they were “so jealous”.

“You struck gold buddy,” said another.

Kleis told Yahoo that the feather now has a special place in his Akubra and says it brings him good luck.

“The feather now lives in my Akubra, which I wear every day and is bringing me good luck everywhere I go,” he said.

The red-tailed black cockatoos are a vulnerable species with cultural significance for Indigenous Australians — with the bird signifying strength and resilience according to the Australian Conservation Foundation. The feathers are highly valued and used in traditional ceremonies.

All of the West Australian species of black cockatoo are threatened by habitat loss and destruction of forests and woodlands as well as competition.

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