CCTV shows moment tiny dog is dumped from bin into rubbish truck

Tom Flanagan

Harrowing footage of a small dog being flung around inside a garbage truck narrowly missing its crusher blade has been released.

The shocking video from the truck's CCTV shows the terrified dog, nicknamed Tippie, moments before it was discovered weeping and entangled in rubbish by employees at Willowbank waste site near Ipswich, Queensland.

He can be seen being tossed around as he narrowly avoids the crusher blade as it compresses the rubbish inside the garbage truck.

When found by workers, they initially feared Tippie had been tied up inside a bin bag, however RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty says being flung around inside the truck was what left it wrapped up in debris.

Tippie miraculously survived being flung around inside a garbage truck. Source: RSPCA Queensland

"This dog was found by the workers. He was found on site and tangled in rubbish and they initially thought it had been tied up and put in the bag as it was covered in ropes and tape while half in a bag," Mr Beatty told Yahoo7 News.

"They cleaned it up, gave it food and water and then called the RSPCA where we were then able to assess it for injuries."

Mr Beatty confirmed the "sweet, little dog" had suffered a damaged hip from the ordeal.

The dog has been returned to his owners and will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

His owners have told of their distress after they informed the RSPCA their dog, who's real name is Zoro was missing before its discovery at the tip.

Tippie can be seen scrambling for his life at the bottom of the truck. Source: RSPCA Queensland

"We are absolutely shattered at what has happened. We came home from taking my son to football practice and saw he was gone," owner Leigh Henderson told the Queensland Times.

Mr Beatty has said the dog's survival was miraculous considering the circumstances.

"His survival is more than remarkable, how on earth he has managed to survive, when you watch the CCTV footage it appears impossible to escape."

He has urged anyone with information on Tippie and what happened to him when he went missing to get in touch so they can find out how the incident occurred.

"Anyone who's got any information please come forward and call 1300 ANIMAL, we'd love to find out how he ended up inside."

Their investigations are ongoing and believe Tippie was purposely placed inside a rubbish bin after he disappeared from his home.