CCTV: Good Samaritan stabbed, punched while stopping Sydney robbery

Matthew Snelson and Krystal Johnson

CCTV shows the moment a Good Samaritan was stabbed in the back while trying to put a stop to an armed robbery in Sydney's south west.

Bill Shaw heard screams and shouting from outside a Glenfield convenience store at about 10.20am on Railway Parade.

Mr Shaw heard screams come from inside the Glenfield convenience store and ran inside to help. Photo: 7 News

CCTV shows the moment the 76-year-old doesn't hesitate and runs into store as a knife-wielding thug threatens a staff member.

Mr Shaw tries to intervene by blocking the thugs exit and the two can be seen grappling before the robber punches the elderly man in the head before stabbing him in his lower back.

The two begin to grapple near the entrance of the door. Photo: 7 News
This is the shocking moment Mr Shaw is stabbed in the lower back with the thug's knife. Photo: 7 News

The attacker fled the scene on foot with nothing and police are still trying to hunt him down.

Local people say Mr Shaw's wife came running up the street and helped him out of the store.

The everyday hero was taken to Liverpool Hospital and he his wound has since been stitched up and he is now in a stable condition with his wife and daughter beside him.

One of Mr Shaw's neighbours has described him as a hero and a "champion."

76-year-old Mr Shaw has been deemed a 'hero' and 'champion' for putting a stop to the robbery. Photo: 7 News
The hooded attacker is still on the loose. Photo: 7 News

"It's very extraordinary because I know he battles to do things around the house and he goes in there and tries to do the right thing," Colin Barnes told 7 News.

"He's a champion as far as I'm concerned."

Business claim there is not enough being done to prevent crime in this area because it is the fourth time this convenience store has been robbed over the past year.

Anyone with further information about the hooded attacker should contact Crime Stoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.