Catholic priest released from jail, but has no apology for sexual assaults

Laura Banks

A former Catholic priest who sexually assaulted young girls over three decades has been released from jail after spending four years behind bars.

Now 81, he was freed at the earliest possible opportunity, but when confronted by Seven News there was no apology for his actions.

His stint behind bars over, Finian Egan had ample opportunity to show his contrition but he did not say a word when confronted.

Finian Egan had nothing to say when asked if he felt any remorse. Source: 7 News

Asked if he felt any remorse for what he had done, or if he had anything to say to his victims, he remained silent.

Egan was convicted of sexually assaulting three young girls.

Egan was convicted of sexually assaulting three girls. Source: 7 News

His crimes were so shocking that the jury was offered counselling after hearing the details.

To his victims, his release is a slap in the face.

"The years of abuse that I went through with him was the same amount as the time he got, and that's just my abuse, this abuse was of three people," victim Kellie Roach said.

Egan's release from jail is a slap in the face for victim Kellie Roach. Source: 7 News

Not only has Egan been permanently banned from practising as a priest, and stripped of his title, the Church has also enforced extra restrictions.

He has been banned from living in any area where he previously ministered, and he is not allowed to visit parish sites in the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Egan's behaviour was the subject of many more complaints than those he was convicted of.

Egan was the subject of more complaints than the three he was convicted for. Source: 7 News

Those additional complaints have been passed onto police, and are being dealt with by the Pope's office.

"I hope more people come for you and I hope you spend the rest of your life in jail again," was Kellie Roach's message for Egan.