'Carl Barron' competition winners

You're off to see Manny Lewis!

Below are the 50 winners from our Carl Barron giveaway - each winner will receive a double pass to see Manny Lewis in participating theatres.

About Manny Lewis: Successful Australian comic Manny (Carl Barron) finds himself at the height of his popularity, and at the depths of his loneliness. Disenchanted with his life and with himself, he focuses on his career and making others happy. After meeting the beautiful and complex MARIA (Leeanna Walsman), Manny sees he may have a chance of falling in love, but first he must confront his past, heal his relationship with his father, and learn to love himself. Can Manny Lewis trust love, or will he take comfort and hide in his career?


Michael Marcucci 3087
Brooke Haydon 4556
Jodi Lawrence 2290
Alison Weatheritt 3550
Denielle Mills 4503
Kylie Baker 3450
Tracey Briene 6210
Louise Reidy 5046
cassidy logue 5125
Jacqui Di Noro 2429
Brodie Swain 4220
Nyette walker 3840
Matt Jackson 4114
Terry Chong 3106
Suet Pei Tham 3104
Kerry Wesson 6100
Tammy Velez 2153
darren braid 2032
Veronika K 2138
Eve Langston 3280
Nancee Biviano 3195
Jordan Blakeney 6019
Jennifer Paull 5127
Angel Boyd 4000
Kylie Thornton 2315
Patrick Williams 3174
ragan edwards 5214
Megan Natale 6164
Nicole Blake 4670
Adam Stenson 2210
Vera Desai 6015
maree stoffels 3152
Kirra Logg 2671
Doreen LEIU 3156
Chris Chetwynd 3013
Katrina Tomaszek 6230
Sharon Markwell 4510
Kristopher King 3915
Christina Lungo 2170
Vanessa Wright 6060
Brendan O'Callaghan 6108
Rhys Bly 6031
Millena Manso-Vukovich 6058
Darren Rantall 6979
Ben Cooper 6155
Gemma Forbes 6164
Rohan Blee 6018
Louise taylor 6007
Nellie Anderton 6030
Lisa Wither 6110