Woman drives car into water to evade police, they end up rescuing her

A woman attempted to avoid police by driving her car down a boat ramp and into the water in Sydney.

As her vehicle quickly sank several officers swam out to save her, smashing in the driver's window and pulling the woman to safety in a dramatic rescue on Sunday.

It wasn't long until the frantic scene brought in police eyes from the sky as the drama unfolded at Georges Hall.

PolAir vision shows the dramatic rescue. Source: 7 News
Police officers swam to rescue the woman. Source: 7 News

"She had the police chasing her and she just kept driving and went straight in the water," an unnamed witness said.

A number of officers were forced to jump in and smash the windows to get her out just seconds before the car disappeared.

"Very angry and aggressive," the witness said.

"The police were fine - they did their job just brilliantly I think."

Footage shows the dramatic rescue unfolding as police pull up to the shoreline and wade into the water after the woman.

The woman was rescued moments before the car sank. Source: 7 News

Police said they were called in relation to a domestic violence incident and were informed the woman involved was driving a vehicle.

They believe she could have been drug-affected at the time.

Paramedics treated both the driver and a police officer who was injured in the incident.

The woman was taken away to Bankstown Police Station for questioning.