Cancer survivor overwhelmed after meeting new puppy

Lorna was overwhelmed when her friend gave her a puppy.

A woman battling breast cancer was moved to tears when her friend surprised her with a new puppy.

Lorna from St. Louis Missouri was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in September of 2014, according to friend Emily Dailey who uploaded the heart warming video.

Lorna was enjoying getting her hair done after months of treatment, when her former roommate Nathan decided to bring her a furry surprise.

Throughout her treatment one of Lorna’s best companions, had been Nathan’s French Bulldog, who kept her company on the lonely days she had to spend sitting at home.

As Nathan took the bulldog with him when he moved out, he thought it would be a great idea to get Lorna a dog of her own.

He was right.

Lorna was absolutely speechless when she was given the puppy and was overwhelmed by emotion.

“I’m so happy,” she can be heard saying in the video, while she tries to hold back her tears.

“Is this really mine for real?”

Lorna, who worked as a bartender, has overcome many challenges since she was diagnosed.

While she did not have health insurance to cover the cost of her treatment, her friends and family raised money for her to undergo chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation.

Although she is not yet in remission, Lorna and her friends consider her to be a survivor.

“Lorna is an amazing person, daughter, sister and friend, and everyone in her life wants to see her happy,” wrote he friend Emily Dailey.

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