'Can’t think of our lives without him': Family fear for young son

Jimmy Jurd looks like any normal 20-month-old boy.

However, doctors have told the young boy’s family that his malignant tumour is the only known case in the country.

Jimmy's tumour is likely to be the only case in Australia. Source: 7 News

In April, Jimmy suffered a seizure.

He was rushed to Gosford Hospital, where doctors confirmed he “had blood on his brain”.

He was immediately flown to the children's hospital at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

“It was an ATRT tumour,” his mother Natalie Gilmour-Jurd revealed. “It's very aggressive and an operation was not an option."

The tumour is located in the thalamus part of his brain, called a High Grade Glioma. Doctors have told Jimmy’s parents that their son’s case is likely to be “the only one in Australia”.

"I just want to take his place,” Ms Gilmour-Jurd said. “I just can't think of our lives without him anymore."

The Jurds say their son needs radical surgery, which could cost more than $100,000.

The Jurd family say they cannot imagine their lives without their son. Source: 7 News

Many doctors Jimmy’s parents have consulted say their son’s tumour is inoperable, but they refuse to believe it.

They are now consulting with Dr. Charlie Teo, a surgeon from Prince of Wales Hospital who is widely regarded as “going where the others won’t”.

If further surgery is needed, the Jurds believe a hospital in Boston could give their son a “fighting chance”.

They would then need to move to Boston, in order for Jimmy to receive Proton Beam treatment.

This could cost an additional $250,000.

"What ever I can to keep my family supported,” Ms Gilmour-Jurd said. “That's what I'll do."

"I never knew what heartbreak was, or real love was, until I had Jimmy,” Ms Gilmour-Jurd said.

To donate to Jimmy’s cause, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/28bwy33g

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