'So dangerous': Calls to get rid of commonly ignored road rule

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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Drivers are up in arms voicing their frustrations about a Queensland road rule regarding buses.

The state’s Department of Transport and Main Roads posed the question on Facebook to people on Monday picturing a bus trying to change lanes with a red car behind it in a 60km/h zone.

“This bus is pulling out of the bus lane and into the lane with the red car. So who needs to give way?” the department wrote.

A bus is pictured indicating into oncoming traffic.
Who gives way here? The red car or the bus? Source: Queensland Transport and Main Roads

The answer is the red car should be the one giving way.

In Queensland, in zones which are 70km/h or less, cars have to give way to buses either entering the road from a bus zone, bus stop or bus stop bay or from the shoulder of the road, or the left side of the road.

The bus has to have a give way to buses sign on it.

People slam unpopular road rule

While almost everyone got the rule correct not everyone seems to agree with it.

“I think this is a really bad road rule,” one woman wrote.

“I have been travelling in a 70km zone and had a bus pull out and drive across two lanes to the turning lane. It then sat there with the back of the bus in the lane beside it. Also buses pull out on you when you are beside them. Sorry this is a dangerous rule.”

Another woman called it “scary”.

“In my case he was to the side of the road and pulled out indicating as he did so. I had already passed him. Very frightening,” she wrote.

However, not everyone disagreed with the rule.

One woman wrote most bus drivers are “pretty cautious” and the rule allows public transport to move through traffic quicker allowing buses to meet the demands of timetables and scheduling.

“After all, nobody wants to smash into a car,” she wrote.

“And the sign does say give way to buses.

“But I understand the frustration in traffic.”

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