Calls for tighter hospital security as alarming footage revealed

Video of violence in hospitals has given a disturbing insight into what goes on in emergency wards across the nation, and why there are calls for security to be tightened in health facilities.

In one particularly alarming incident broadcast on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair on Wednesday, a man can be seen entering a hospital waiting room with a meat cleaver in 2017.

Footage shows the man walking just metres from a child before cornering a member of staff in an office and closing the door.

The man walks into the hospital holding a knife. Source: ACA

Security guard Warren Browne, who has worked in the industry for 20 years, said the footage was alarming, especially with the lack of power people in his role had in hospitals.

"My presence is about all you can expect," he told ACA, saying all he could do was move people to a safer place in such an incident.

In another clip, a man dives head first through safety wiring protecting reception staff.

The man then approaches a staff member before cornering her in an office. Source: ACA

Union wants special constables in NSW hospitals

In footage involving Mr Browne, where he helps restrain a violent drug addict in a health facility, security staff struggle to nullify the threat.

Mr Browne, who stands at 193cm, said those on drugs were particularly difficult to restrain.

Health Services Union secretary Gerard Hayes is calling for the NSW government to implement hundreds of special constables in hospitals across the state, performing a similar role they do to protect politicians at Parliament House.

"If you go to hospitals, you have people with security licences who do not have authority to actually touch or manhandle, restrain or detain people."

NSW Health told Yahoo News Australia they are reviewing hospital security across the state but said at this stage they don’t see special constables as an answer.

“It is important to note, hospital security staff deliver services in a health environment. For them to adopt a role akin to NSW Police would not be appropriate or safe,” a spokesperson said.

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