'Total thuggery': Calls for AFL executive to be sacked over 'coward punch'

The AFL is facing mounting pressure to take action against one of the code’s senior officials for a king hit on a father during a local footy match.

Just one week after giving Richmond's Bachar Houli a reference for his AFL tribunal case, Ali Fahour was caught on video knocking out opponent Dale Saddlington during a match on the weekend.

Fahour, the League's diversity manager, made a tearful apology for his on-field hit and will face a tribunal hearing on Wednesday night over the incident.

However critics are now saying that’s not enough and Fahour should quit or be stripped of his high profile AFL position.

Ali Fahour has made a tearful apology for his punch on Dale Saddlington during a local football match. Source: 7 News

Ben Davis from Radio 4BC told Sunrise he doesn’t know why the matter is being put before the AFL tribunal first, insisting Fahour should be sacked immediately.

“I don't know why they even need a tribunal, the vision’s there, we know exactly what happened,” Davis told Sunrise host Sam Armytage.

“He cannot hold the job that he holds now, that is one thing for certain.

“As a manager of a program in the AFL, his presence is now going to overshadow that program... there needs to be consequences for actions.”

Sunrise Hot Topics guests Ben Davis and Cath Webber said there is no question that Fahour should be stripped of his high profile position. Source: Sunrise

Commentator Cath Webber said the younger brother of former Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour simply cannot retain his position as an AFL ambassador.

“This has actually brought the game into complete disrepute,” the News Corp columnist told Sunrise.

“I am surprised he hasn't resigned, I am more shocked that the AFL hasn't sacked him…this is also his second offence.”

Pointing out that Fahour was not defending himself, Webber said the act of “totally thuggery” could not go unpunished.

Fahour now has a nervous wait as the AFL tribunal consider his future. Source: 7 News

“They weren’t involved in a wrestle and then he tried to punch his way out… the very shocking thing is the way he just runs in and appears to be looking for that fight," Webber added.

The AFL will make no comment until after the tribunal hearing, but chief executive Gillon McLachlan and other executives are known to be furious at Fahour.

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