'Call the Cops. We Don't Have a Cleaning Person'

The cleaning bill allegedly left by Susan Warren. Photo: ABC
The cleaning bill allegedly left by Susan Warren. Photo: ABC

A US woman was arrested and charged with one count of felony burglary after she allegedly broke into a home, cleaned and left a bill for her unsolicited services, police said.

Susan M. Warren, 53, of Elydia, Ohio, was released from County Jail on $5,000 bail.

Warren allegedly broke into a Westlake, Ohio, home on May 22, and went to work while Mallory Bush was asleep upstairs. Bush said she actually heard someone come into the house, but she assumed it was her sister.

When she woke up, she saw that "stuff was moved around and it was cleaner and there was a note on the table, like, written on a napkin that said, 'I came here to clean today,' and then it had a name and an address and a bill for $75. So I figured, 'Oh, my parents hired a cleaning person,'" Bush told ABC News affiliate WEWS TV in Cleveland. "We called our mom and she just told us to call the cops because we don't have a cleaning person."

Warren is being called the "cleaning fairy" in several media reports.

Sherry Bush, the homeowner and Mallory Bush's mother, said Warren vacuumed the carpet, cleaned up the play room and removed the trash.

"There were some coffee mugs that my husband had out that were in the sink. She had washed them all," she told WKYC TV.

Mallory Bush said Warren told her that she was "driving down the street and randomly picked our house and decided to come and clean because she was desperate for money."

When City of Westlake police called Warren, she reportedly became irate, yelled that she "does this all the time" and hung up, according to WEWS.

Even though Warren is charged with burglary, she isn't actually accused of stealing anything from the home. A Westlake police officer told ABCNews.com that Ohio law allows for the burglary charge because the house was occupied when she allegedly entered it.

Online court records show Warren has been charged in other Ohio jurisdictions with burglary and vehicle offenses.

Warren was declared indigent and assigned a public defender, according to court records from Thursday's bail proceeding. No one answered the phone at the public defender's office after hours on Thursday.

Warren actually runs her own cleaning business, which is listed online as Sue Warren Cleaning. Warren did not answer phone calls to her home.

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