Heartbreaking scenes as horses run for their lives in Californian fires

Several horses have died or been injured after flames from the Californian fires swept through their training centre.

Trainer Cliff Sise tried to rescue the horses, including one of his own, but sadly they could not be saved.

Heartbreaking footage shows the horses running around their paddock in Bonsall in panic as the flames edge closer.

Horses ran around in a panic as the fire edged closer. Source: Fox 5 San Diego

“It was dark, everything was hot and she wouldn’t come out,” Sise told US broadcaster Fox 5.

“I opened the pen and tried to get behind her and get her out, and she wouldn’t get out. She burned to death that quick.”

Sise claims around a dozen horses died and several others were injured.

County officials had previously urged livestock owners to evacuate their animals with a large fairground made open for live stock to be kept at.

Several horses perished in the fire. Source: Fox 5 San Diego

Evacuees were encouraged to bring bedding, feed and horse identification.

It's unclear whether Sise was aware of the call out for animals to be evacuated or not.