Bystanders in China 'forced to rescue baby from dumpster'

Bystanders in China have been forced to rescue a baby after it’s alleged the child’s father threw her into a garbage bin just moments after she was born.

It’s alleged the baby girl’s father put her in a paper bag, with her umbilical cord still attached, and put her in a dumpster in Xuanwei on January 15, Yunnan Daily reports.

Stills of CCTV footage shows the man placing the baby in the bin. Another video shows an elderly woman nursing the baby and keeping her warm.

Stills from CCTV footage show the man placing the child in a bin. Source: Police/ Yunnan Daily

According to a police statement, the couple thought the baby was “incurable” after noticing she had turned purple-ish green.

The man has since been arrested. His partner was released on bail.

It’s not known what he’ll be charged with but the hospital said the baby is OK.

She’s been sent to a community centre.