Butcher's 'cannibal's dream' Halloween window display disgusts customers

A butcher has disgusted customers with his Halloween skeleton window display made of fresh meat.

The meat installation was spotted by a customer at the ‘Silpo’ supermarket in Ukraine’s Oblast region.

The creepy human-like skeleton consists of cuts of meat, with ribs creating the rib cage and sausages used for the skeleton’s intestines.

Two eggs with olives placed on them create bulging eyes and a liver was even placed under the ribs for authenticity.

Photographs show the human-like skeleton is displayed in the butcher’s section of the supermarket.

The display was dubbed a “cannibal’s dream” by Ukrainian media and has divided the public.

“That’s creepy,” one social media user wrote.

The meat skeleton was on display at a Ukraine butcher
The meat skeleton was on display at a Ukraine butcher. Source: CEN/Australscope

“I just want to say this is pretty disgusting,” another user said.

“You have lost connection with reality, I am not going to buy anything from you anymore.

“Let them put dead bodies under the showcase, that would be funny.”

However, others enjoyed the Halloween mischief.

“Wow, that’s perfect,” one social media user said.

“That’s good, we need more of this stuff,” another user wrote.

There have been no comments from the supermarket’s officials as yet.

It comes after another ‘sickening’ Halloween display sparked outrage in Alabama, US.

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