Burrup Peninsula 'deregistered' as sacred site

The Burrup Peninsula has been deregistered as an indigenous sacred site following a recommendation by the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee.

While the Burrup as a whole was deregistered, the decision does not impact on more than 2400 individually registered sites on the peninsula.

WA Indigenous Affairs Minister Peter Collier said on the basis of information provided by the ACMC, the Burrup in its entirety could not, and should not, be considered a site.

Greens MLC Robin Chapple said the move was embarrassing on an international scale.

“Its significance is not lost on the international anthropological community or the federal government, both long term supporters of world heritage nomination for the Burrup Peninsula,” he said.

“Blinded by greed, this government has shown time and again it has little respect for the importance of Indigenous culture or heritage.”

Mr Collier labelled Mr Chapple’s remarks as irresponsible and incorrect.

For more on this, pick up next week's Pilbara News.

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