Bunnings worker makes desperate plea to dog owners: 'Please stop'

Bad Bunnings etiquette is in the spotlight again with an anonymous worker taking to Reddit to call out selfish pet owners in a post aptly titled: "Please, stop bringing your dogs to Bunnings".

"Dear everyone who brings their dogs to Bunnings. Please for the love of god stop," the post begins. "I don’t get paid enough to clean up your dog's p**s and s**t."

"If you can't train your dog to not pee indoors or simply don't care enough to carry poop bags, for the love of god just don't bring your dogs to a literal shop," the post continues. "I promise you, your pooch will be just fine at home. Go on a bush walk with them if they need the enrichment that bad."

Dogs in Bunnings
A Bunnings worker has made a desperate plea for customers to stop bringing their dogs to the store. Photo: Facebook/Dogs of Bunnings

Comments on the post were largely supportive, with one user writing: "If you're not going to look after your pet and clean up after them, don't have a pet full stop."

"I was all ready to get sweary after reading the title as I love seeing dogs in Bunnings (other peoples pets are the best, all pats, no vet bills), but reading the description that's more than a bit disgusting," someone else commented. "Sorry you have to go through that on your job, couldn't pay me enough to mop up bodily fluids, even a dog's."

Another user also questioned the need to bring one's furry friend to Bunnings: "I don't understand why people can't just leave their dogs at home for an hour," the Redditor wrote.

Dogs in Bunnings trolleys
Well behaved warehouse pups are a big hit with lots of Bunnings customers. Photo: Facebook/Dogs of Bunnings

Simple solution?

Many Reddit users were quick to point out there's a very simple solution and proper etiquette to follow when bringing canine friends to the warehouse.

"Cardboard box in a trolley, dog on cardboard box in said trolley. Saves everyone from having a 's**t' time," one user commented, to which someone else replied, "I just thought it was mandatory. Every dog in Bunnings I've seen has been on a trolley."

Another Redditor mentioned that he'd regularly seen Bunnings staff handing out cardboard to dog owners upon entry and instructing them to put their pets in trolleys.

Bunnings dog rules

Although many users agreed with these etiquette guidelines, Bunnings' policy on pets is actually quite brief.

According to the retailer's website, pets are allowed if they are:

  • Secured safely in a vehicle

  • On a lead and wearing a muzzle

  • Carried

There is no mention of trolleys or cardboard boxes and it isn't clear who's responsible for cleaning up after a customer's pets should the worst happen.

Bunnings responds

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Matt Tyler, Bunnings General Manager - Operations, said there are no plans to ban dogs from the retailer's stores.

"Customers have been bringing their dogs into our stores for many years. Dogs are allowed in our stores if they are friendly, under control and comply with the conditions of entry. We try to use a common sense approach when welcoming dogs into our stores. This includes cleaning up after dogs, which in most cases, we find owners take responsibility for," Mr Tyler said.

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