Bunnings robot wows sausage sizzle fans: 'Future is now'

TikTok users are being blown away by a video of a machine dispensing tomato sauce and mustard on a sausage sizzle at Bunnings.

A video of the nifty machine dubbed a "SauceBot" generated over 1.1 million views shortly after it was posted to the popular video-sharing platform during a visit to a Bunnings store in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

In the short clip, which he captioned "Bunnings snags living in 2050", a staffer encouraged the customer to press a red button for tomato sauce and a yellow button for mustard – a hi-tech improvement on manually squirting the condiments out of bottles.

The Bunnings' SauceBot puts tomato sauce or mustard on your sausage sizzle with the press of a button
The Bunnings' SauceBot puts tomato sauce or mustard on your sausage sizzle with the press of a button. Source: TikTok/@behindtheeshades

'The future is now'

The SauceBot, created by the team at Connected Community Hackerspace in Melbourne, was built from a repurposed 3D printer with custom-designed peristaltic pumps a few years back.

It was first introduced on the streets of Melbourne in 2019, but after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it may become a practical option for safer saucing needs.

"When the engineering department take over the sausage sizzle," one viewer commented, while another joked, "Can you publish the sauce code?"

"The future is now," another TikToker reacted.

While many users were impressed by the invention, several TikTok users were unimpressed by the lack of a barbecue sauce option.

"They chose mustard instead of BBQ to load into the machine? What?!"

Not a hot dog

Some non-Aussie TikTok users who'd never seen an Australian sausage sizzle expressed confusion.

"Why's it in a slice of bread though?" commented one viewer.

"Why is it a slice of bread and not a proper hot dog bun?!" asked another.

"Fancy machine like that and you don’t have a bun?" one TikToker asked, while another commented on the reference to "tomato" sauce instead of ketchup.

The video creator, who was overwhelmed by the clip's reception, thanked everyone but also set the record straight.

"Thanks for such an amazing response everyone! FYI this is called a sausage sizzle in Australia, sausage in bread! This is not a hot dog," he said.

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