Brothers carry out incredible citizens arrest

Two brothers who are part of the infamous Mokbel family have carried out an incredible citizens arrest in Melbourne.

They chased down thugs who tried to flee a car crash, only to find out later that the duo were wanted by police.

The driver found out the hard way that the Mokbel brothers are fast and can crash tackle.

The brothers made a citizens' arrest. Source: 7 News
Jamil Mokbel and his brother made citizens' arrests. Source: 7 News

"I was just inside doing the tax return and heard a loud bang outside so me and my brother ran outside," Jamil Mokbel said.

The stolen car flipped onto its side after smashing head-on with another that left the thief and his accomplice trapped.

Jamil and his younger brother Phill began doing what they thought was a good deed and rescued the pair.

There was a big crash. Source: 7 News

"We tried to help the guys out. They were banging on the doors like they were stuck inside," Jamil said.

"Once they got out they looked at each other and bolted down the street and then my brother ran after them - he got one and I got the other."

One brother was running in his slippers.

Jamil was in his slippers. Source: 7 News
Phill said he hopes his wound will leave a scar. Source: 7 News

"I was in my slippers and as I was running, one flew off and then the other flew off - I was running in my socks," Jamil added.

Phill copped a small battle wound.

"Hopefuly it leaves a scar - it would look cool, be a good story to tell," said Phill.

The gym junkies insist they don't get their toughness from their distant Mokbel relatives.

"There's a relationship somewhere down the track but nothing to do with us, we are just hard working people," Phill said.

Phill copped a wound. Source: 7 News

Neighbours say it's believed the thieves were up to no good before the crash.

They say police seized a stack of credit cards, licenses and high-end jewellery from a bag in the car.

"They are big fellas, big boys," said neighbour Norm Pearce.

"I've known them since they were small - I wouldn't want to grapple with them."