Tourist trapped in Bali well for six days after being chased by dog

A British man has been rescued from a well on Bali six days after falling into it while being chased by a dog.

Jacob Roberts, 29, spent six days trapped at the bottom of the four-metre-deep concrete pit in the village of Pecatu after falling into it while trying to escape the dog, according to reports.

His shouts for help were eventually heard by a farmer who raised the alarm.

British man Jacob Roberts, 29, survived six days trapped in a Bali well. He seen here being tended to by rescuers.
Jacob Roberts, 29, fell into a well in Bali while being chased by a dog. Source: Badung Police/AFP/Getty Images

Roberts, who broke his leg during the fall into the well, was pulled to safety by a team of rescuers and taken to hospital, police said.

Local search and rescue chief Gede Darmada told the AFP news agency: “Jacob's calls for help were heard by a local who was going to feed his cows.”

According to the report, the 29-year-old told authorities he was trying to escape a dog that was chasing him through the village.

He was described by a local police officer as looking “thin and injured”, but was expected to make a full recovery.

Like many worldwide destinations, Bali has been hit by the effects of coronavirus, with foreign tourist arrivals plunging 60 per cent in March compared to the previous year.

But its government has said it could reopen to tourists in October thanks to its success in controlling the coronavirus outbreak, with the tourism ministry planning to revitalise destinations and do promotional work for some areas.

– Yahoo News UK

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