Spot the snake photo leaves people stumped

People have been stumped by a mystifying photo of a snake in a tree.

Brisbane Snake Catchers shared the photo to its Facebook page on Friday, asking the public where in a Mansfield bush they thought there was a snake.

“Can you guess where it is?” they asked, with a photo that appeared to be nothing but an unkept shrub.

The snake catchers left social media users baffled on Friday after uploading a photo of a bush containing a cleverly disguised snake. Source: Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

Several people took a stab at guessing where the well-disguised slithery reptile could be, with many sharing their own photos with a circle indicating their suspicions.

The snake was blended so seamlessly with its surroundings, it could easily have been mistaken for not being there at all.

Someone suggested the snake page was playing a trick on its followers, saying “I think you’re all seeing things”.

The snake was later seen slithering down the driveway. Source: Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

Others strained their eyes so hard trying to see the snake they simply gave up trying to find it.

The snake catchers shared a separate photo of the snake slithering across a driveway, asking people to guess what type they thought it was.

“Okay let’s see who got the species right what was I?,” they wrote.

The snake was hiding in an unexpected position in the hanging bush. Source: Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

Finally the answer was revealed, with the snake catchers circling where the animal was hiding.

Speaking with Yahoo News, Stewy Lalor from Brisbane Snake Catchers confirmed the snake was a non-venomous common tree snake.

“They are very common, they’re pretty much on every street up here,” Mr Lalor said.

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