Driver carjacked after stopping to help 'victim' found lying in the road

Carly Egan

A Brisbane meat factory worker who stopped to help an 'injured' man lying in the middle of the road was carjacked at gunpoint by four men.

Bawi Hlawnching said he was on his way home from work when he saw the man lying on Ewing Rd in Woodridge close to midnight on Tuesday.

As he stopped to help the man, four others appeared from the darkness, two of which were carrying guns.

“He was so scared, he was shaking,” Mr Hlawnching’s friend Nunu Vuli told 7 News.

Carjacking victim Bawi Hlawnching. Source: 7News

“It’s all been planned out."

The 21-year-old, who doesn’t speak much English after arriving from Burma as a refugee, was forced from his car during the terrifying ordeal.

He claimed a masked man held a rifle to the driver’s side of the car while another armed man stood on the passenger side, pointing a pistol.

A similar vehicle to Mr Hlawnching and the number plate. Source: 7News

“(Mr Hlawnching) thought (the man on the road) was drunk and was going to help him so he pulled his brake,” Ms Vuli said.

The man from the road stood up and joined the armed group, demanding Mr Hlawnching’s phone.

The group, believed to be of African descent, then got into Mr Hlawnching’s car and sped away.

The Woodridge scene. Source: 7News

“I just heard yelling and the car took off after that,” witness Clintelle Graveson said.

Mr Hlawnching was left stranded in the dark, but managed to run to a nearby friend’s house for help.

Mr Hlawnching with friend Nunu Vuli. Source: 7News

“We are thankful to God (the group) did not harm him,” Ms Vuli said.

Mr Hlawnching said he no longer felt safe when leaving his home.

Police are investigating the trap.