Brisbane Lord Mayor responds after 'incredible' council worker pranked

The mocking podcasters did not expect this response from the council worker

The mayor of Brisbane has responded to a viral prank that two podcasters performed on an unsuspecting city council worker.

Comedians Marty and Michael called up the council and queried an apparent letter they received at their Glenelg residence. The spoof call was for a podcast skit, but they were so surprised by council worker Anne's response they uploaded the phone call on social media.

Marty played character 'Darren', a tradie who was caught off guard when he found a letter noting he owed $248.40 to Brisbane City Council. After pretending he struggled to read the notice and continuing to ramble in confusion, not letting Anne get a word in edgeways, it was revealed the letter was not addressed to Darren after all. Instead, he informed the council worker he had accidentally opened the neighbour's mail before descending down a spiral of anxiety.

The pair who performed the viral prank.
The viral prank is one of many the comedic duo have performed, dedicating a whole segment in their podcast to pranking someone new each week. Source: Instagram / martyandmichaelfullyactual

"I might have accidentally taken the neighbour's bloody mail," Marty said, impersonating Darren.

Remaining in character, Marty expressed angst to the council worker and said he was worried the police would be after him for opening the letter, especially as he was on "parol", to which Anne attempted to soothe the worried resident.

Despite her efforts, Darren's anxiety got the better of him and he tried to destroy the evidence.

"I’ve just... I kind of panicked and tore it to pieces," he said.

This action initiated the need for a pact between the two according to Darren, with the worried resident desperately asking Anne to "take this to the grave" and promising to walk her dog to get in her good graces.

"I don’t think it’s an issue that you accidentally opened someone's mail mate," Anne said, as she tried to put his "mind at ease".

Despite the phone call escalating and "Darren" asking for impractical demands, the council worker remained unwaveringly professional and continued to reassure him he was not in danger, with the podcasters praising Anne once their call ended.

"By the end of the call we all had a massive soft spot for her, and think that she deserves a raise for the way she so lovingly handled that call," Marty and Michael told Yahoo News Australia.

Many online shared the duo's opinion and said she was "amazing" and "sweet" for how she handled the phone call, with the TikTok video liked by thousands of users.

"How patient is Anne, she needs [an] award!" one wrote. "Anne should be promoted to mayor," another said.

Lord Mayor Brisbane's response to the viral video

Adrian Schrinner told Yahoo News Australia that "no matter how unusual the call may be" there's always a member of their contact centre team available to help, even claiming he always knew the workers were "incredible".

"Anne’s recent customer service has taken this already sky high standard to the next level," he told Yahoo.

"I want to say a big thank you to Anne and all of the contact centre team who continue to be there for Brisbane residents day in, day out," he said.

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