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Gruesome 'dead body prank' leaves WA police fuming

The discovery of what a bushwalker believed to be a dead body has police fuming after it turned out to be a cow stuffed inside a tracksuit.

Police in Western Australia's Pilbara were alerted to the remains on the side of a walking track last week and quickly established a crime scene, the ABC reported.

Yet after the deployment of considerable police resources, the discovery turned out to be what police believe was a sick prank.

A hoodie which the remains were found inside. Source: Roebourne Police via ABC
A hoodie which the remains were found inside. Source: Roebourne Police via ABC

"The remains were stuffed inside a tracksuit to make it look like it was human remains," Roebourne Police Senior Sergeant Dale Harmer told the public broadcaster.

"[It] has caused police to use an entire day and three police officers guarding a scene for something which was never a human in the first place."

A forensic pathologist in Perth identified that the remains belonged to a cow.

Senior Sergeant Harmer said while authorities were initially skeptical over whether the remains were human, they could not take any chances.

It meant a forensic team from the city of Karratha, 50km away, were brought in. Senior Sergeant Harmer lamented the wasted time of police during a time which he said authorities were already stretched.

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