‘This happens every morning’: Mum films group's 'daily' scramble to strip Coles of baby formula

A Brisbane mother has filmed a group of Coles shoppers in their "daily" scramble to grab as much baby formula as possible.

Cindy Emma said the frantic rush for the formula “happens every morning at Toowong Coles”, resulting in her taking her young daughter off formula early as she could never find the right product.

“Same people every day, literally running into the store while tussling with each, other grabbing as much baby formula as they possibly can leaving the entire shelf empty, laughing at me thinking it’s funny when I questioned them about it,” she wrote in a furious Facebook post.

Ms Emma accused the Coles staff of not caring about their customers and allowing others to “run and fight each other” over the formula.

The Brisbane mum said the shoppers were frantically stripping the shelves of the formula. Source: Facebook

“They are lined up in the morning before the store opens, about 10 of them," she wrote.

After sharing the video on the Coles Facebook page, a spokesperson replied to Ms Emma, saying their “stores have a strict limit of four tins of baby formula that is enforced per customer”.

That reply was quickly shot down by the young mother who urged the supermarket giant to "listen to your customers".

Coles said that customers have a four-tin limit. Source: Facebook

Just please do something about it, listen to your customers,” Ms Emma wrote in response.

The fight for baby formula has been plaguing Australian supermarkets in recent years, with products worth $20 seen selling online for at least five times the price.

According to Business Insider Australia, it’s seen Chinese students make up to $3000 a week selling health products and baby formula to people in China.