Bride-to-be slammed for foul-mouthed wedding invitation

Holly Hales
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A bride and groom-to-be have had their choice of wedding invitation criticised online. Photo: Getty Images

A bride and groom-to-be have been slammed after sending guests a foul-mouthed wedding invitation, with critics labelling the move both ‘trashy’ and ‘stupid’.

The unorthodox style of RSVPs was laden with expletives and saw the couple refer to their family and friends as ‘dumb a***es’.

Bucking tradition

Unashamed by her choice of words, the bride instead posted about the attendance request on Reddit, calling both her invitations and wedding itself simply ‘less than traditional’.

Options guests could use to respond to the invitation also raised eyebrows, and included "also f***ing lutely" or "Not a Goddamn chance".

But despite her enthusiasm, critics made up the vast majority of responses to the post, noting how guests could be offended upon receiving such an invitation in the mail.

“This just seems trashy,” wrote one user.

Some users called the invitation 'trashy'. Photo: Reddit

"Cursing on an invitation isn’t fun, it’s rude and simple. Even if you don't mean it to be,” added another.

“There are those things in life you want to be remembered for. This isn't one of them.”

However, some were quick to see the potential humour in the couple’s choice of invitation, noting how some of her guests would be excited to receive a light-hearted note.

“I think it's hilarious!” one wrote. “Then again I wouldn't send it to my Grandparents but close friends would definitely get that one!!”

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