'Free spirit, so much life to live': Family opens up on hairdresser's death in fiery crash

Nina Stevens

The family a young Northern Beaches woman who died in a fiery crash in the city on the weekend say they have no idea why she was in the car.

A young woman who made a wrong decision and didn't come home, Bree Keller is being remembered as a caring, funny, free spirit.

Bree Keller has been identified as the woman in the car. Source: 7 News
Bree Keller died in the car crash. Source: 7 News

To those who knew her best, Bree was fun-loving and full of life.

A young woman with a bright future, her family described her a "free spirit".

"She was a very, very attractive girl. Very funny," her stepfather, Peter Francis said.

Her parents say she was free-spirited. Source: 7 News

The 22-year-old was out on Friday night with friends when she went for a ride in a high-powered car, a decision that would tragically end with the loss of her life.

"It's just a waste, an absolute waste. It was just a tragic mistake," Mr Francis said.

Bree has been named as the third person killed in the fiery Darling Harbour crash.

The car exploded into a fire ball. Source: 7 News

Why she was in the car with brothers Steve and Jeff Nasr, her family doesn't know.

"It's a tremendous loss to us and we're in disbelief," Mr Francis said.

Father-of-four Joseph Bagala was the only survivor.

Pulled from the burning wreck by police officer, he remains in intensive care.

The 22-year-old went out on Friday night with friends. Source: 7 News

Crash investigators say speed was to blame.

Bree's family is now waiting on DNA test results before they can say their final goodbyes.

"We've been having to live with the fact that we can't bring her home," her mother Tania Keller said.

The family are grieving. Source: 7 News

"She had so much life to live, you know, and we've lost her," Mr Francis said.

Her parents say they promise to never forget their caring, generous daughter.