Brazilian woman thrashes cheating husband's car

A pregnant Brazilian woman has been filmed smashing and thrashing her husband’s car after she found him having lunch with his mistress.

She can be seen jumping on the roof of the car, slamming her foot into the window, and then throwing a brick at it.

With her baby bump clearly visible, the woman shouts furiously from atop the car at her husband – who stays well clear of the unfolding drama.

The woman screams across the street as she stamps on the roof of the car. Photo: Screenshot/Youtube

The car alarm can be heard screeching, while several people shout in the woman’s direction.

Seemingly not satisfied with the damage being caused by her feet, she gets down from the car, walks into the middle of the road and picks up a brick to slam into the vehicle.

The incident in the Brazilian city of Ceilandia reportedly kicked off earlier this month when the woman spotted her husband having lunch with his mistress in a nearby restaurant.

The Mirror reported police were not called to the scene and there were no reports of any injuries.

Cheating partners, it seems, have been the subject of viral videos since - well, since videos could go viral: