Brazen act caught on dashcam outside Dan Murphy’s stuns Aussies

An Aussie who captured the moment couldn't believe his eyes.

An Aussie pulling into a Dan Murphy’s liquor store car park captured the moment an alleged thief ran off holding two bottles of Jim Beam.

The moment, filmed outside a store in Sydney last week was shared to Reddit. Aussies were left stunned by the brazen act - with many quick to point out the lack of action by staff.

The moment brought to light the danger many retail workers face - with shocking statistics revealing that 92 per cent of Aussie retailers reported team members experiencing verbal or physical abuse at work.

The alleged thief was caught on dascham footage making off with two bottles of Jim Beam. Source: Reddit
The alleged thief was caught on dashcam footage making off with two bottles of Jim Beam. Source: Reddit

Man spotted ‘sprinting’ out of store’

The person who captured the footage on their rear dashcam said he witnessed the man ‘sprinting’ out of the car park. “Then noticed him carrying two bottles of Jim Beam, Security guy standing by the door looking dismayed,” they wrote.

In the 15-second clip, the man races off down the street, with no one following after him. “As someone who worked at Dan Murphy's for years, don't bother running, we don't care enough to stop you,” said one Aussie.

Another pointed to a recent case where a man was stabbed to death at a Darwin bottle shop after he allegedly refused to serve alcohol to a customer at the bottle shop.

“So unfair to expect bottle shop workers to police the sale of grog,” they added. “Cost of living has really hit hard for Sydneysiders,” added a third.

Sad statistics affecting retail workers

A recent survey by the Australian Retailers Association found that more than 92 per cent of retailers surveyed said they have experienced or have had a team member experience verbal or physical assault whilst at work.

“Being yelled at, spat at, punched or groped is not tolerated in any other workplace, and must not be accepted in retail,” said Paul Zahra, ARA Chief Executive.

“Being asked to show your receipt doesn’t give you an excuse to crack someone over the head. That’s why we want to see other states take the steps of NSW, SA and NT and toughen laws to better protect our retail workers and keep them safe.”

Dan Murphy’s puts safety first

A spokesperson for Dan Murphy’s said that the incident has been referred to the police.

“The incident has been referred to NSW Police for investigation,” they said. “Our priority, as always, is the safety and wellbeing of both our customers and our team members.”

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