Brain Wave: Deep brain stimulation

Reporter: Dr John D'Arcy
Producer: Sophie Kennedy-White
Date: 11 September, 2011
Blog by Martha
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After partaking in a world first clinical brain stimulation therapy, wheelchair bound Cerebral Palsy sufferer Martha Siede takes her first steps.

Guest reporter, Dr John D’Arcy joins the 36-year-old on her life changing journey: unable to pour herself a glass of water to taking her first steps.

Cerebral Palsy impacts the body’s motor skills and causes varying levels of disabilities among its sufferers.

With the Deep Brain Stimulation a pacemaker is inserted into the chest and beams electrical charges to the brain.

According to Professor Martin Kraus, who directed the trial at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, the charges short circuit the abnormal impulses that cause spasms.

Celebral Palsy Alliance

The Westmead Hospital

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