Boy can talk fluently backward

Mia Fitzharris, Trending Now

Boy can talk fluently backward

Did you ever speak in a secret language as a kid?

It's a notable childhood pastime to communicate with friends in languages like pig Latin, gibberish, and op.

One 10-year-old from Scotland might have those all beat.

Meet Cameron Bissett. He speaks the English language fluently backward!

Watch as his father records him using his mysterious talent — Cameron speaks backward into an iPad, and an app translates it forward into English.

Cameron doesn't even seem to skip a beat as he spits out several sentences spoken to him by his parents to repeat backward.

According to the description on the YouTube video, Cameron had been entertaining his friends at school with his backward language for months before letting his parents in on it. With more than 1.2 million views for the clip on YouTube so far, we don't think Cameron's parents will be telling him to quit the back talk from now on.

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