'I hope you die a painful death': Boxer Danny Green praises prison attack on female killer

Boxer Danny Green has congratulated a prisoner who attacked Trudi Lenon, one of two women found guilty of murdering West Australian teenager Aaron Pajich-Sweetman in a brutal and shocking attack.

Two days ago, Lenon suffered severe burns after another inmate doused her with boiling water - a suspected revenge attack for what happened to Aaron.

Trudi Lenon, right, was attacked in prison; pictured left is Jemma Lilley, with whom she carried out a murder that shocked WA. Source: 7 News

On Wednesday, boxer and anti-one punch campaigner Danny Green took to social media, saying: "my hat is off to whoever carried out this act".

He also wrote: "I hope you get an infection and die a horrid and slow and obscenely painful death".

Danny Green in an ad campaigning against one-punch attacks. Source: 7 News
Part of Danny Green's Facebook post. Source: 7 News/Facebook

The post has been seen by thousands of people, including Aaron's dad and stepmother.

"It was very comforting to see that he was supporting us," Aaron's stepmother Veronica Desmond said.

While some believe Danny Green has gone too far, and is even condoning violence against women, others are praising him and want him to run for parliament.

Aaron's parents believe Trudi Lenon got what she deserved, with Veronica Desmond calling her "the scum of the earth."

Veronica Desmond said Trudi Lenon had got what she deserved. Source: 7 News

18-year-old Aaron Pajich-Sweetman was buried under a concrete slab in the backyard of an Orelia home in 2016.

He was lured to the house by Jemma Lilley and Trudi Lenon so they could act out their twisted killing fetish.

Aaron Pajich-Sweetman was found buried under concrete in an Orelia home. Source: 7 News

Both Lilley and Lenon are in Bandyup Prison, awaiting sentencing for their crime.

Danny Green did not want to go on camera on Wednesday, but told Seven News he stood by his Facebook post.

Green said he had no regrets about his Facebook post. Source: 7 News