'Bored' man's shocking discovery on Google Earth after dad dies

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A internet user who was bored at home and looking up his parent’s house on Google Earth was “overwhelmed” to see his late father standing in the driveway waiting for his mum just up the road.

Twitter user TeacherUfo shared images of the scene on the social media platform where they went viral and received comments from other people who experienced similar sightings on Google Earth.

The Japanese man said he was bored at home one night and decided to find his parents’ house on the Google tool.

Pictured is the Twitter user's late dad standing on the driveway.
A Japanese man bored at home has found his late father on Google Earth. Source: Newsflash via Australscope/Google Earth

He wrote he nearly jumped out of his seat when he saw his late dad standing in the driveway seven years after his death.

TeacherUfo said he then noticed another familiar figure just up the road and when he scrolled up he realised it was mother walking home as her loving husband waited for her at the front of the house.

“It seems as though he was waiting for his wife to return home while taking a break,” the Twitter user said.

He said his dad was a quiet and gentle man, adding he hoped Google Earth kept the street scene exactly as it was.

Pictured is a woman walking on the street in a Google Earth image.
TeacherUfo believes his dad was waiting for his wife who is seen here walking home. Source: Newsflash via Australscope/Google Earth

The viral post attracted similar stories from other people who had spotted deceased loved ones on Google Earth.

Twitter user Shiumeko said they found their old dog who had died a couple of years ago when looking up their family home, adding they also hoped the image stayed online.

Meanwhile, Yosio61 said he spotted his grandma who died nine years ago on Google Earth.

The Japanese man thanked people for their “overwhelming” response to his post, adding he was grateful to share the heartwarming experience.

– Australscope

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