Bondi killer Joel Cauchi's evil Google search before rampage

It is believed the attack at Bondi on Saturday was not 'spur of the moment'.

It has been revealed Bondi mass murderer Joel Cauchi had an unnerving Google search history in the lead-up to the attacks, with police finding he had looked up knives and "how to kill" on his phone.

"He had a fixation with killings, he also had a fixation with knives, so that in itself tells us it wasn't a spur of the moment attack," A Current Affair crime editor Simon Bouda said. "That's terribly frightening."

Bondi attacker Joel Cauchi stands wearing a wetsuit with a surf board behind him (left) and smiling at the camera (right).
Bondi attacker Joel Cauchi had reportedly Googled knives and "how to kill" before attacking people at Westfield in Bondi Junction on Saturday. Source: Facebook

Bouda said police reportedly downloaded data from the attacker's phone since the weekend and made the discovery. "Disturbing" notes and drawings belonging to the attacker have also reportedly been found by authorities.

Attacker spotted in other Westfields in recent weeks

Police reportedly also told Bouda the attacker was spotted at other Westfields in Sydney and it is unclear whether he was simply visiting or "checking out other locations" for an intended attack.

"He's been spotted out at Westfield in Penrith, in Sydney's western suburbs, and Westfield at Parramatta just in the recent weeks," he said. "We do know it's all happened in a very quick succession in the past couple of weeks."

Many victims were approached from behind

It is understood many of the victims killed and injured in the attack were approached from behind, however, one "chilling" detail was consistent between each one — Cauchi reportedly didn't say a word.

"That makes it even more chilling, there were no words said at any stage through that ordeal that happened inside the shopping centre," Bouda said.

"The first woman was lining up at a queue to buy coffee we believe, he's come up behind her and stabbed her in the back. He stabbed another woman in the back. He's not even looking at them."

Police said there is an "obvious line of enquiry" with the majority of Cauchi's victims being female.

Flowers laid on the ground by members of the public outside Westfield in Bondi Junction.
Members of the public have placed flowers near the Westfield in Bondi Junction. Source: Getty

Police hope public 'never, ever' see 'horrendous' CCTV footage

Social media is full of videos inside the shopping centre captured by shoppers during the chaos but the Westfield CCTV footage is something police reportedly hope will not "see the light of day" given it is so "horrendous".

"The actual CCTV from inside the Westfield is absolutely chilling, it is so horrendous that my understanding is the police are really hoping that it never, ever sees the light of day in the public," Bouda said.

Six people were killed by Cauchi while others remain in hospitals across the city, with the nine-month-old baby reportedly moving from the intensive care unit into a ward. It is believe she will have no long lasting physical injuries.

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